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My name is Sean McCarney.  I am a cradle Catholic who wandered away from the church in my late teens and eventually returned, after much faffing, at about 40 years old.  I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter called Caitlin who was baptised and I’m raising as a Catholic, but I’m a shift worker and my wife isn’t a Catholic, so I’m sort of doing it by myself!  I have a podcast – ‘Just A Catholic Dad’ which chronicles our journey and the challenges on the way.  You’re most welcome to join us…..

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  1. Hey Sean, sorry for not getting back after my last message, have been v.busy. I did just listen to your last two podcasts in quick succession, I do have to say that I think you are being a bit hard on yourself! .. It is not always easy to convince children to attend mass every week, my daughter would much rather go pony riding on a Sunday morning than come with me to church. If I get her there twice a month I am more than happy with that, as for prays at night time it is less important to kneel by the bedside with structured pray and more important to just encourage pray in a relaxed manor where you are sharing your thoughts and feelings with god, asking for forgiveness and reflecting on your faith. Here in Ireland I have found it necessary to try to take some of the institution out of the church, for reasons obvious and what’s left behind are fond childhood memory’s of my catholic upbringing by my family. I clearly remember my mother bribing me with promises of sweets after mass in order to get me to attend. So we are who we are brought up to be, I think you are doing a fine job with your daughter.
    As for FHC this is something very special for your daughter and you both as parents, the course is educational and very family orientated. I attach a link to an Irish podcast episode which might help to explain.
    I am sorry if I have offended any of your listeners whom all had very valid points on your last post, but everyone is different and I find that less strict works best in the long game.

    Good luck, Tony

    Documentary on One – RTÉ Documentaries: Mairead’s First Communion

  2. Sean, We have had a great summer of British TV–Midsomer Murders, Agatha Christie, DCI Banks, Father Brown, and (best of all) Endeavor. It seems that there is a murder or two every week in the average English country village. Are you really safe there?

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